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RC2016/01 Competition Entry is Open

Once again dear friends I am pleased to announce that the Retrochallenge 2016/01 – ‘January’ aka Winter Warmup edition of the Retrochallenge is now open to entrants.

Retrochallenge 2016/01 competition will run from January 1st (hangover or not) to the end of the month. Blog entries should be complete by midnight on Sunday 31st January GMT.

Please email mark at wickensonline dot co dot uk with your name (or handle) a brief synopsis of your project and a URL for your blog.

Twitter has become the preferred communication media for updates – if you make a post to your website please ‘tweet’ with #retrochallenge. If you can’t tweet from your retro-hardware consider that a challenge! Follow @retrochallenge and filter tweets on #retrochallenge for the latest updates!

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