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Retro Challenge 2016/01

This is my Blog for the 2016 Retro Challenge.

I am an Old Time Apple ][ user, but also have Commodore 64/128 and Sinclair ZX-81/TS-1000s computers. In the past couple of years, I have started to collect Tandy Color Computers ( AKA The CoCo ).

I recently bought some Ethernet Cards for the Apple ][, called the Uthernet II, and want to make a Multi-Player Game using them.

P2P connections seems like it might be difficult to to implement with all the Network Address Translation ( NAT ) that is happening with devices connected to the Internet, so a Dedicated Server for each "station" to connected too for a Game seems like an important Starting Place.

I am thinking of a Two to Four Player Game using a Centralized Server to Coordinate the Game Space.

( Apple ][ Forever.... )



I have been delayed on other things besides the Retro Challenge 2016/1, but with less than Two Days left, I am going to Sprint.....


Entry #1 Final