Retro Challenge 2016/01, Week #1 - Alternate Servers

Looking at the Uthernet II page today, I see there is a couple of Web Servers demos that are available..



Also, the Uthernet II Manual has been updated as of 06-JAN-2016.

Retro Challenge 2016/01, Week #1 - Drawing the Map

I am working on Three different things, in a Round Robin Que:

#1) Developing a very concise Data Block for Map Plotting, Object Placement and Player Locations.

#2) Developing an Apple ][ program, ( currently in AppleSoft Basic ), to Plot Map Data and Object Data, and Player Locations.

#3) Developing a Server to Send Map Data and Object Data, and Player Locations on a TCP Socket to the Apple ][. Eventually the Server will also develop Random Map Data and Object Data.

The Retro Challenge Blog

( From the Retro Challenge Competition Web Page )

RC2016/01 Competition Entry is Open

Once again dear friends I am pleased to announce that the Retrochallenge 2016/01 – ‘January’ aka Winter Warmup edition of the Retrochallenge is now open to entrants.

Retrochallenge 2016/01 competition will run from January 1st (hangover or not) to the end of the month. Blog entries should be complete by midnight on Sunday 31st January GMT.


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