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Retro Challenge 2017/04, Week #-1 "minus" 2 - Nothing Done since MAR-2016

So here I am again...

I signed up for the 2016/10 Retrochallenge, but never got off the Starting Line..

This time, I started Early... ;)

I limited my Focus:

"To make this a project that actually can be completed in time, I am "attempting" a Multi-Player, Networked Text Adventure, with a Server running on a modern PC, and the Clients being the Apple ][, ( with the Uthernet II Card ) and the Tandy CoCo, ( with a Serial Port and a Lantronix UDS-10/100/1000 )."

This limits my scope to getting the Client and Server software done in 30 days... And not focusing on the Networking portion.

I am getting my Communication Solutions finalized before 01-APR-2017:

Apple ][ Uthernet II ( and possibly the Lantronix UDS-10 )
Tandy CoCo 1, 2, or 3 and Lantronix UDS-10

For the CoCo I have Code ( See the COMM4 and COMM6 Programs ) from Bill Yakowenk that looks pretty tested..
Many Thanks to Salvador Garcia ( via Allen Huffman )
Since I will Batch Process the Data, I don't think there will be any Issues with the main CPU and Reading the Incoming Data..

So, Forward we Go!!!!