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Day #03, More, on The Back End..

I am working on Writing a simple program to Handle the TCP/IP Sockets, Generate a Game Space and Synchronize the individual Clients that are connected to it...

Maybe a multi-player Battle Ship Game, or a simple Maze Game for starters....

Day #02, The Back End....

I will be using a Linux "back end" for the Server, URL, ( ).

With a "little" Google Magic, I was able to locate some relevant pages:

Linux How Tos: Sockets Tutorial

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: PThreads Samples

Day #01, RetroChallenge 2018/09 is ON!!!

Time to Get to Work!!!!!

I need to get my Network Transports in Place...

I have Platform Specific Hardware for the Apple ][ and Commodore C64... I have RS-232 Hardware for any computer..

Apple ][
Uthernet II

Commodore C64

Lantronics UDS-10
ESP8266 Modules

RetroChallenge 2018/09 starts Soon!!!!

Well.. I have been at this Retrochallenge "thing" for about 2.5 years...

I didn't even attempt to start anything for Retrochallenge 2018/04.. I spent what little energy I had on CoCoFEST!, and even that was not as productive as I would have liked... I did get to meet a Whole Lot of cool people though....

I really want to get some cool Networked Games out there... With all the possibilities that IRATA.ONLINE brings, that will be a focus for me as well... In the mean time.....

RetroChallenge 2018/04 starts Tomorrow!!!!

Well, it's Time...

Retrochallenge is back...

My goal is still the same... Networked Games for Classic Computers...


In the previous year, there has been made available an RS-232 to WiFi Module from the Commodore Community from CBMSTUFF, which is Jim Drew, an established hardware provider.

The possibility of reaching this goal has increased dramatically because of Networking Improvements made in the last three months, specifically for the Tandy Color Computer ( CoCo ).

RetroChallenge 2017/10 starts Tomorrow!!!!

I am getting ready to try this again...

I have a good feeling that I will get something to present this time...

My Apple ][ friend, William Bonner recommended using a TCP/IP BBS on a Modern System and write the Games as a DOOR..

Day #1 and Day #2

Well, yesterday I got DriveWire 4 working with my Tandy Color Computer 3. Today, using Toolshed I was able to Transfer Binary Files to a 180K Disk Image and set their Attributes correctly.. I don't seem to have communications yet....

My MASTER PLAN ( for World Domination )

Back on 13-MAR-2017, I posted this to the Apple II Enthusiasts group in response to Tom Porter's question about what I was working on..
( Sorry, I will get some HyperLinks is here at some point.. )

Tom, I have a Lot of Thing I want to do... All based on Networking existing Games and making some new ones... On Multi-Platforms..

I have a yellow legal pad with lots of Notes...

Retro Challenge 2017/04, Week #-1 "minus" 2 - Nothing Done since MAR-2016

So here I am again...

I signed up for the 2016/10 Retrochallenge, but never got off the Starting Line..

This time, I started Early... ;)

I limited my Focus:

"To make this a project that actually can be completed in time, I am "attempting" a Multi-Player, Networked Text Adventure, with a Server running on a modern PC, and the Clients being the Apple ][, ( with the Uthernet II Card ) and the Tandy CoCo, ( with a Serial Port and a Lantronix UDS-10/100/1000 )."

Retro Challenge 2016/10, Week #0 "minus" 4 - Finishing EVERYTHING that I didn't get done since JAN-2016

So I haven't done much at all with this Project since the 2016/01 Retrochallenge..

I need to get the Networking Layer done, so that I can focus on the Game, itself..

Time to "Get Crack'n'"!!!!


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