My MASTER PLAN ( for World Domination )

Back on 13-MAR-2017, I posted this to the Apple II Enthusiasts group in response to Tom Porter's question about what I was working on..
( Sorry, I will get some HyperLinks is here at some point.. )

Tom, I have a Lot of Thing I want to do... All based on Networking existing Games and making some new ones... On Multi-Platforms..

I have a yellow legal pad with lots of Notes...

Retro Challenge 2017/04, Week #-1 "minus" 2 - Nothing Done since MAR-2016

So here I am again...

I signed up for the 2016/10 Retrochallenge, but never got off the Starting Line..

This time, I started Early... ;)

I limited my Focus:

"To make this a project that actually can be completed in time, I am "attempting" a Multi-Player, Networked Text Adventure, with a Server running on a modern PC, and the Clients being the Apple ][, ( with the Uthernet II Card ) and the Tandy CoCo, ( with a Serial Port and a Lantronix UDS-10/100/1000 )."

Retro Challenge 2017/04, Now Hosted and run by John W. Linville

A "new" Retrochallenge Web Site is up and running..

See the Entrants for Retrochallenge 2017/04.

Retro Challenge 2016/10, Week #0 "minus" 4 - Finishing EVERYTHING that I didn't get done since JAN-2016

So I haven't done much at all with this Project since the 2016/01 Retrochallenge..

I need to get the Networking Layer done, so that I can focus on the Game, itself..

Time to "Get Crack'n'"!!!!

Retro Challenge 2016/01, The Aftermath - Further Testing

It has been, "Slow Going" for the past 45 days..

I have spent a some time on getting the Communication working on the Ethernet from the Apple ][ to Server on Windows 7. I still have some Communication Issues and Buffer Issues, so no progress has been made on the actual Game Server or Client...

I hope to have a working Network Transport by the end of the month.

Retro Challenge 2016/01, The Aftermath - Source Code Editing

Editing Assembler Source in Merlin 8, on one of my Apple //e Enhanced computers.

I am trying to get Two Way communication working between my Socket Server on a Windows 7 System and my Apple //e with the Uthernet II card.

Retro Challenge 2016/01, FINAL

Well, I didn't get to where I wanted to...

But I got some communication working between a Socket Server and the Socket Client on the Apple ][.

Server Code posted here: Use Socket_Server_03.exe

Client Code in Merlin Pro 8 here: Use BLOAD TCP_04 and CALL 32768

Retro Challenge 2016/01, Week #3 - Making a Connection from the Apple //e and Uthernet II and the Socket Server on a Windows 7 PC

So wanted to get my Apple ]] with the Uthernet II Communicating with my Socket Server..

David Finnigan ( AKA Dog Cow ) is writing the manual for the Uthernet II, and in the PDF from Page 23 ( PDF Page 26 ) to Page 32 ( PDF Page 35 ), there is a program to connect by TCP to a Socket Server on Port 20000.

So I copied the Source Code from the PDF, and pasted it into a Column Editor and removed the Machine Code at the beginning of each of the Lines and the Header/Footer Information. Then a Checked the Code against the PDF.


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